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Kingdom Of Camelot Ascension

Kingdom Of Camelot Ascension

Kingdom Of Camelot Ascension

Kingdom Of Camelot Ascension

kingdom of camelot Ascension  :

With all the speculation surrounding the Ascension expansion in development.
There’s been a lot of commentary  on the Forums, specifically pertaining to the question: why? “Why must I destroy one of my Cities, my precious, hard earned Cities, that took so much time and effort to create?” This is a completely legitimate and understandable question.
We know just how much effort our players put into their Cities, and any prospect of potentially losing them is enough to make you want to tear out your hair! The speculation is out there nonetheless, so to put things into perspective we must know about  the Ascension process.
how to initiate Ascension process, and the benefits of Ascension process.

It should be noted that players are not simply starting from scratch when Ascending a city. The purpose of Ascension is not to rebuild. Ascension will effectively allow players to add new dimensions and levels to their Cities.
The choice to Ascend is completely at the discretion of the player, meaning that if you really like a City, you can choose not to Ascend it. If, however, you are up for something new, whether it be a challenge or an opportunity to explore some new content, you are in for a treat.

  •     Initiating Ascension
  •     Factions
  •     Field View
  •     Buildings
  •     Blessings

Initiating Ascension :

To start, players will need a City.In order to Ascend, a minimum City Value must be met. Each City will have a value that will be determined by the type, amount and level of buildings it has. When the minimum value is reached, players can opt to Ascend.

The price to Ascend, in Gems, will be determined by the particular city’s value, meaning that If your City’s value is high enough, Ascending could be free! Your City will reset at each level of Ascension and will need to be built back up.

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